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To order any of the the books through Amazon (C.E. Zachary’s Reckless and Like a Fairy In Love in addition to Rac Jac’s Washing Out My Dandruff Thoughts) click on the book cover.  To order Hip Haiku Punch, Cupid’s Infiniti, or Odyssey Of a Phenix, by Mr. DwN at discounted rates and with options for hardcover, paperback, or ebook head over to the-> DwN Storefront on LuLu

Washing Out My Dandruff Thoughts is a collection of poetry by Rac Jac. “These are the washes and rinses of what used to clog up my writing follicles. My thoughts symbolize dandruff, and they must be washed out regularly and thoroughly. These follicles are scrubbed and cleansed, then dried onto lined paper towels.“- Rac Jac

Hip Haiku Punch is a compilation of short poems called haiku, a form which originated in Japan and uses a three line format of 5-7-5 syllables. As a failed emcee, Jahili felt the need to express his thoughts through a more traditional (non-traditional for some) poetic form, thus we have Hip Haiku Punch. Most rappers use punch lines in their lyrics, these punches usually contain references to popular culture and current events. Jahili’s haikus intend to pack the same punch but in a more condensed form.

Cupid’s Infiniti: Take a journey into Cupid’s psyche as he documents his pursuit of Infiniti-the prototype.

My one condition/ is that our love will remain/ unconditional.
As we sing off beat/ arms flailing, dancing on stars/ our zeal shifts orbits.

Reckless is a poetic chronicle of love affairs by C.E. Zachary. Some of these detailed encounters can be extremely hot and steamy, while others are sensual and romantic. As a whole the poems make up a heavy and raw account of female sexuality and expression of the heart. Reckless is a woman with passion, exhibiting innate desire. Reckless is a woman who takes chances and sets herself free. Reckless is the shedding of perfection and fear. This collection is a true celebration of female sexuality, romances, loves, and secret desires.

Like a Fairy in Love is C.E. Zachary’s first collection of poems written over the course of years in college and graduate school. Her poems examine life through a magical lens, presenting experiences using imagery that is sensual, natural, romantic, mysterious, and sometimes erotic. For C.E. poetry allows for the exploration and discovery of the magic that exists in all relationships, conversations, dreams, adventures, and everyday experiences, among others.

The trees undress
allowing the moonlight
to penetrate through
the curtains.

Through all the grays I can still
remember the colors.

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