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Fine Pen Gallery

Fine Pen Gallery is an independent business founded by Dr. T. Ramon Stuart.  He creates premier custom handcrafted pens in his personal woodshop.  Last year DwN had the privilege to spend some time in this woodshop to get exclusive insight into what the process entails.  Handmade pen-crafting is a very detail oriented endeavor that requires a great deal of patience and hand-eye-coordination (the power sander and drill can be very dangerous machinery if you are not cautious) protective eyewear, gloves, and a dust mask are essential in the woodshop. Having never seen a fine pen built from the ground up, it was truly inspiring to see the craftsmanship and the quality of materials used in the creation process.  After hearing the story of how this whole business started, along with the creativity and vision it takes so sustain such a business; Fine Pen Gallery seemed an ideal fit to feature on DwN.  Below is a brief interview conducted with the Founder and CEO of Fine Pen Gallery, Dr. T. Ramon Stuart (TRS). Updated website coming soon.

DwN: How did you get into pen design?
TRS: Pen design and making was an accident. In 2010 I hosted an event in Las Vegas and we wanted to give gifts to some people for their contribution to the program. I am a semi-professional woodworker with commissioned pieces around the nation and I mentioned that I could make something in my woodshop. I turned to the lathe and used some scrap pieces of burl wood to turn the pens. The recipients liked them so much than one gave me a $1,000 check and asked me to send him 10 additional pens. This was the start of the Fine Pen Gallery by T. Ramon Stuart.
DwN: What determines a “fine pen”?
TRS: Owning a fine writing pen is a state of mind. It is the craftsmanship coupled with the attention to detail that helps to marry the writer to the fine writing instrument.
DwN: Can you describe your pen design process?
TRS: The pen design process starts with the client. We have a detailed conversation about interests, writing habits, and style. I then use this conversation to design a pen that I think fits the needs of the customer. The process is time consuming, but worthwhile because the final writing instrument becomes an extension of the owner.
DwN:  Who are some of the people you have designed pens for?
TRS: At this point, I sell pens to many African American business people and pen aficionados around the nation. My client list is extensive and includes former Major League Baseball executives, law firm partners, university presidents, and healthcare executives. Talks are underway to brand and market a designer line of pens for a corporation and a Greek fraternity. I also have a growing population of individuals curious about fine writing instruments.
DwN: Where would you like to see the business go?
TRS: My goal is to keep the personal touch on each of my fine writing instruments. The business grows on a yearly basis, but what keeps customers coming back is the attention to detail, craftsmanship, and the ability to become one with their personalized writing instrument. As long as this practice continues, the business will continue to see growth and expansion while meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers.

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