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DwN  would like to introduce Swabuu! Swabuu is a Black owned Bath & Body company that creates all-natural handmade body butters, washes, and scrubz specifically for melanated skin.  Check out the interview with the creator of Swabuu for more insight into the development of the products.

DWN: What does Swabuu stand for?

S: Swabu(u) was a form of soap used by the ancient Kemets(Egyptians) and means to clean. Swabuu originally started with handmade soaps, I always intended to expand into other areas of Bath & Body products so this was the natural progression of what was to be.

DWN: What inspired you to create Swabuu?

S: My mother was very big into holistic and alternative medicines. My sister and I only went to the doctor when absolutely necessary. We had dandelions, chamomile, and a vegetable garden with all types of vegetables that we would eat and take. I learned how to use natural ingredients to make skincare when I was 10. I’d make my own face masks and toners. It then escalated to body lotions and oil blends. It’s something I’ve always been good at doing my entire life. I just kept doing it and learned about cosmetic Chemistry. Now instead of making products for myself, I make them so that all the world can enjoy what I’ve always loved doing.

DWN: Can you explain some of the process behind creating these unique body butters and shower gels?

S: All of Swabuu’s products are made with melanated skin in mind. 95% of all commercial products are made for non-melanated skin tones. This is why when a melanated person uses most of the commercial products on the market today on their skin it hardly works, and/or works for a short time. All of Swabuu’s products are made with heavy oils and butters that sink into the skin and truly moisturize it. You will find Shea butter, Mango butter, Olive oil and Coconut Oil in all of our products. These are some of the most moisturizing oils you can use in cosmetics.

DWN: I see that you have some unique/pop culture names for some of your products, how do you decide what to name a specific product?

S: I dream all of the names of my products. There is no specific rhyme or reason. I am a product of the early 80’s in New York, so Hip-Hop culture is in my DNA. I have a few pages full of names I have dreamed up. They are at my disposal whenever I need them.

DWN: How does Swabuu stand apart from competitors?

S: Swabuu does NOT use fillers. This might seem unimportant, but- most new businesses have not invested in the research and development of their products and use pre-made bases to which they simply add fragrance and additives and pass them off as “homemade.” Swabuu makes products specifically for melanated skin. If you haven’t been able to find deeply moisturizing bath and body products you should give Swabuu a try!

DWN: What are the next steps for Swabuu?

S: The next step is global domination-LOL! Swabuu would like to be a major competitor against Lush, Herbivore, Glossier, and Soap-n-Glory. Swabuu will be in Sephora soon!

DWN: Do you have any advice for new Black owned businesses?

S: My advice to a new B.O.B would be: Invest in your business! You must be a master of your craft. Read, learn, develop, know your competitors, know your product! Whether it be a tangible or intangible business. Invest in your business. You WILL have to spend money, you will have to stay up late, you will have to fail. But it is all worth it when you see your hard work pay off. Good luck to all new business owners! I believe in YOU, make sure YOU believe in YOU as well!

DWN: How can people purchase your products?

S: My favorite question! You can find Swabuu online at www.swabuu.com to purchase my products. However, if you can not buy anything you can follow us on Instagram and Facebook at @swabuulife  . Support is not only financial, tell your friends to follow us as well. “You don’t need money to start a movement, you just need the heart of the people!” -Alicia V

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