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?ue- Kingston Ave

?ue- Kingston Ave interview, single review, and Gorgonzola video.

DwN is excited to share this project and some insight into ?ue the artist.  This new project comes off of the success of Chronicles of ?ue The Conqueror. DwN interviewed ?ue upon the release of his fist album and is excited to help introduce his new album with some new updates.  We’ve also provided a review of the lead single Gorgonzola ft. Dre Murray. Check out the interview and review of the lead single below. 

DwN vs. ?ue:

DwN: Kingston Ave is the title of your new project, what does this mean to you?


Ladies & gentlemen KINGSTON AVE is officially one week old. So I'll take this time to explain the ❤️ behind the project. My inspiration amongst some other things?? Purchase on ITunes Now??http://itunes.apple.com/album/id1235198190?ls=1&app=itunes #KINGSTONAVE #TBT #FBF ?ue® Chronicles

Posted by ?ue on Saturday, June 10, 2017

DwN: Can you describe the creative process in developing Kingston Ave?

?ue: It took a lot of patience to create this project. I wanted to come out of my comfort zone and challenge myself creatively as well as with content and style.

DwN: Did you feel any pressure when it came to working on your sophomore project?

?ue: What pressure?

DwN: (I love that answer!!) Do you feel you have matured as an artist, if so can you speak to that process?

?ue: Considering life’s changes….I’ve matured a lot as well.  Getting married….becoming a husband & father have all worked to mature me on a daily basis.

DwN: What do you hope fans, and those soon to be, will take away from this project?

?ueYou’re a King. You’re a Queen. Don’t live lesser than what God expects of you.

DwN: Can you leave us with a quote to describe your project or provide inspiration to others?

?ue: “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven”.

Gorgonzola review: 

“I check cheddar like a food inspector, my homie Strick told me, “Dude finish your breakfast”-Jay-Z. The origins of this metaphor are a bit convoluted, however, one thing that is clear is that when rappers invoke a specific food in their rhymes, it is most often cheese. If you are familiar with rap culture, you would know that the word “cheese” is a reference to money. Money and rap are synonymous. Humility, poverty, failure, struggle, and the consequences of being inconsiderate. These are terms and statements, that typically aren’t synonymous with rap music these days. However, ?ue (pronounced Cue) proves on “Gorgonzola”, he is not your average rapper. He’s an artist who has a gift for wordplay, authenticity and truly understands the craft of making a quality song.

On his latest single, ?ue teams up with Dre Murray to deliver a song that emphasizes the importance of staying grounded, working hard, and staying focused. Whether you’re a hustler, blessed with financial wealth, or inundated with student loans.

?ue and Dre both describe the feelings many people have while trying to provide for the ones they love. Yet, they are also telling their listeners that money is not everything and that they should appreciate the life God has blessed them with. This is shown within the hook, when ?ue raps, “they think it’s all about the gorgonzola”. This is a dope song, that reminds us to nurture humility and gratitude, to work hard while still focusing on our families, and to remember that God’s plan is the one that matters most, both during intense struggles and increasing successes we will have in life.

Tha GM (DwN Content Contributor)

Check out the dope lead single Gorgonzola ft. Dre Murray below:

Click below to check out and/or purchase Kingston Ave on iTunes.DwN © 2017

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